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CSS padding-bottom

March 21, 2021 CSS PADDING 948

The padding-bottom property is used to set the padding at the bottom of an element. It is a longhand property for the padding property.


padding-bottom: value;


<length> : Specifies a bottom padding in px, pt, em, rem, cm, etc. Default value is 0. Negative values are not allowed.

<percentage> : Specifies the bottom padding as a percentage of the width of the containing block. Negative values are not allowed

initial : Sets the default value.

inherit : Inherits the value from parent element.

A simple example is given below.

See the Pen padding-bottom example by Aakhya Singh (@aakhya) on CodePen.

Another example involving percentage values is shown below.

See the Pen padding-bottom percentage value example by Aakhya Singh (@aakhya) on CodePen.

In the above demo, the bottom padding values of the two paragraphs are given as 5% of the widths of their respective parent elements. For the first paragraph, the width of the parent div is 400px whereas it is 700px for the parent div of the second paragraph. As a result, the bottom padding of the first paragraph is lesser than that of the second.

Browser Support

This property is supported in all the major browsers. Versions of IE for Windows upto 7 don't support the value inherit.

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