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Congratulations on completing this course! I will tell you about different uses of Python in different fields. You can go to where your interest lies.

  • Website - If you are interested in making websites, then try Django Web Framework and learn it.

  • Games - If you are interested in making games, then try PyGame. You can make games with graphics and sound.

  • 3D Games and graphics - You can try Panda 3D for making 3D graphics and games.

  • Mobile application - Kivy is used for doing interfaces on desktops and mobile platforms.

  • Web scraping - Beautifulsoup is used for gathering information from websites.

  • Natural Language Tool Kit for analysing written text and writing things like spam filters and chat bots.

  • Other languages - You can try to learn other languages as well.

  • Change from Python 2 to Python 3 - What's new in Python 3

To learn from simple videos, you can always look at our Python video course on CodesDope Pro. It has over 500 practice questions and over 20 projects.
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