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array project 1


A school maintains academic record of its students (of a class) in different arrays. The information stored is:  
1. Roll Number (in an integer array)  2. Midterm Marks (in a float array)  3. Final Marks (in a float array)  4. Class of a student e.g. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 (in an integer array)   5. The Grades based on final marks (in char array)   a. Final Marks less than 50 – F  b. Final Marks: 50 to 59 (both inclusive) – D   c. Final Marks: 60 to 72 (both inclusive) – C  d. Final Marks: 73 to 85 (both inclusive) – B  e. Final Marks: 86 and above – A    
  This program can display data from the existing student record. At the start of program, a menu will be displayed. The program will continue to work until 0 (Zero) is entered. Error message will be displayed if any number other than the given option is entered. Each array must have a size 100 and for the sake of my convenience, the arrays should be populated with exactly 50 student entries. The roll numbers must be unique – you have to take care of this. The example is shown below


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