Coping with stress


What's your way of coping with stress? For me, it's a challenge, and I have no idea what to do with that.


  •    BalanceB

    I agree that video games can be pretty effective for that. Also, not so long ago, I understood that coping with stress with cannabis is the best way for me to get distracted, and I managed to discover, so you can consider something like that as well.

  •    MarkUltra

    I struggle with that as well, and I can tell you that getting distracted with video games works the best for me.

  •    Ebolaman

    I suggest bloxorz to you. This is a pretty fun game and very challenging at spots. but nothing you can't at least stumble your way out of with a little patience.

  •    MeloniGren

    Undoubtedly, when mental health problems arise, they are very serious. For me, this is a signal to start looking for medical help. I did not want to live with obsessive worries that made me feel very restless and stressed, so online.therapy was able to get me out of this state. In my opinion, terrorist attacks and wars in the world are due to the unhealthy psyche of certain people. By interacting with therapists who are trained, licensed and experienced clinical psychologists, I have come to realize the importance of this kind of therapy, which I always have the opportunity to receive at any time convenient for me.

    • Living with obsessive experiences that make you feel very restless and tense is unbearable. This I know from my own experience. I don't have time to go to the doctor. I am sure that a chat with therapists is what I need right now.
      - sarajampen12

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