Functions in cpp


Create a program to calculate the daily salary in a company, with these following conditions:

1. Employee basic salary USD 2000/hou

r 2. If the employee works more than 7 hours/day, then the excess is calculated overtime which is 1.5% of the basic salary.

3. For employees who work 8 hours/day or more will get an additional amount of USD 3500 for their meal allowance.

4. Employees who work 9 hours/day or more will get overtime for transport allowance of USD 4000

Functions : main(), basicSalary(), overtime(), mealsAllowance(), transportAllowance (),and totalSalary()

Input : NIP, Name, Working Hours

 Output : NIP, Name, Basic Salary, Overtime, Meals Allowance, Transport Allowance, Total Salary


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