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The statistics on usage posted on various websites illustrate the immense popularity and importance of Java in the present day world. Java is an all-purpose programming language. Certain developers prefer to use Java to build desktop GUI applications as well as other developers create numerous web-based applications using Java technologies. In addition, Java is also used extensively for the development of mobile applications and games for Android which is the mobile platform with the biggest user base. There are plenty of reasons that Java is going to be a major factor over an extended period of time. Visit: Java Course in Pune  

  • . Create an abstract class 'Parent' with a method 'message'. It has two subclasses each having a method with the same name 'message' that prints "This is first subclass" and "This is second subclass" respectively. Call the methods 'message' by creating an object for each subclass
    - chaitanya Gaikwad


  •    MaryAntonet

    I always try myself some Java through some games at World's Hardest Game. It always gives unexpected results.

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