Online relationships?


Hello. Please tell me what you think about relationships on the Internet? Have there been cases in your life of successful relationships with the help of dating sites?


  •    Wuzzy

    A week ago, on our home laptop, I found a correspondence between my daughter and some woman of an intimate nature. To my questions about this, my daughter explained that on the site she flirts with women because in real life she is still embarrassed to meet them. And flirting through a dating platform helps her overcome her natural shyness. Well, this is her life and she has the right to dispose of it in her own way.

  •    Marckusha

    Here I'm with you completely soledaren, because on dating sites, you can immediately write your interests in the questionnaire and filter the other profiles on them. So it will be easier and faster for you to find the right partner. Try to use a site like Registration there is as simple as possible and should not cause you difficulty. But if they do appear, then feel free to ask everything you do not understand.

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