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You have to implement a List Data Structure of student profile information records by using Array in C++ language. In which you have to create:

   Muhammad Usman


Problem Statement:


You have to implement a List Data Structure of student profile information records by using Array in C++ language. In which you have to create:


  1. A structure (using struct keyword) named StudentProfie.
  2. A class named ArrayList.




StudentProfile structure must have five variables of type string (string.h library) in it.

  1. userid
  2. userName
  3. subject
  4. degreeProgram
  5. uniName


ArrayList should implement following data members and member functions:


Data Members



Declare an array of type StudentProfile.


Declare an integer variable used to store array index value we are currently working with.


Declare an integer variable to store the size of the list.






Add student profile record in the array list at position in which we want to add it like 0,1,2,3,4,5… in the list.

e.g. arrList.add(studentProfile1,5) while arrList is an object of ArrayList class and position is 5.


Find particular student profile in the array list.

e.g. arrList.find(testStdProfile).


Update student profile record at a given position in the array list.

e.g. arrList.update(stdProfile1,2).

remove (?)

Remove student profile record from the given position in the array list.

e.g. arrList.remove(1).


Return size of list. (Not array size)

e.g. arrList.listLength().


Will show the list data as given in below screenshots (Detailed Output Screenshot).

e.g. arrList.showList().


Will compare two student profiles if they are same or not.

e.g. comStdRec(stdProfile1,stdProfile2).


(“X” denote StudentProfie Object means a student profile record while “?” denotes position where want to add a particular record in the array list.)





In the main() function you have to:


  1. Create five object of type StudentProfie at first five positions and then add all of them in the array list by using add(X,?) method of ArrayList.
  2. Then you have to find 4th student profile using find(X) method.
  3. Update 4th student profile using update(X,?) method and set it same as 1st student profile record.
  4. Remove 4th student profile using remove(X) method.
  5. At last show the length of array list using listLength() method.
  6. For first four steps you have to call showList() method to show list data after calling each function like given in the below screenshots.


Note: First student profile record should be your own data.

For Example:

If your id is BC123456789, name as Bilal, Subject CS301, Degree BSCS and University VU. Then this student profile record must store at first position in the list like given in the screenshot.





























Detailed Output Screenshot:

























Main Output Screenshot:




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