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for Loop in Python

If you are here, it means you are going to be a coder soon. You will solve real-world computer problems, make your own programs, and a lot more. Yeah, sounds good!
Now let's talk about for. It is also a loop like 'while'. Let's see how it works.

marks = [78,98,50,37,45]
for m in marks:
	print m

Just this and it's done. Let me explain you the code.
for m in marks - m is a variable which will go to every element in 'marks' and will take its value.

So, in the first iteration, m will be the 1st element of the list.
In the second iteration, m will be the 2nd element of the list an so on.

As you have seen above, in the first iteration the value of m is 78, in the second iteration, its 98, then 50 and so on.

Notice that the body of for loop is also represented by equal indentation ( margin ) from left.

Example of sum of marks

marks = [78,98,50,37,45]
sum = 0
for m in marks:
	sum = sum+m
print sum

I think you got the code. If not, then let me explain a bit.
sum = 0 - We are taking any variable and assigning it an initial value of 0.
In the 1st iteration
m is 78. So, sum+m is 0+78. Now, the value of sum is 78
In the 2nd iteration
m is 98. So, sum+m is 78+98. Now, the value of the sum is 176.
And similarly at last, sum is 308.
I hope it is clear now.

for loop in python
We can also use for loop on tuples and strings. Try it yourself.
Do You Know ?
Table of 12 Add And you get table of 13
12 +1 13
24 +2 26
36 +3 39
48 +4 52
60 +5 65
72 +6 78
84 +7 91
96 +8 104
108 +9 117
120 +10 130

So, let's do it with the help of for loop.

table_12 = [12,24,36,48,60,72,84,96,108,120]
table_13 = []
z = 1
for i in table_12:
	table_13.append(i+z) #using append to add an element in front of list
	z = z+1
print table_13
[13, 26, 39, 52, 65, 78, 91, 104, 117, 130]

z = 1 - We have to add 1,2,3... respectively to each element. And that's what we are doing. Add 1 then increase z by 1 for the next turn (z = z+1)
table_13.append() - append() is a function of list which adds an element in front of a list. So, (i+z) will add (12+1),(12+2),...(12+10) in their respective turns in the list.
By writing your codes, your mathematics is gonna be fun.

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-Stephen Hawking

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