How do you support your customers?


How do you support your customers?

Do you use live chat or maybe an email?


  •    daisiemargot

    I'm associated with an that is a well-known Audit & Tax Accounting Firm in USA. We used both options for providing our customer the best possible support.

  •    LittleNightmare

    In our company e-mail is used, but we think about what would switch to another way of service, of course in communicating with customers by e-mail also has its advantages, but we want something new.

    Just recently I came across a very useful article on the subject which describes different types of service and their advantages.

    Customer support groups are also the face of the company.

    They are critical to increasing sales and marketing by word of mouth and collaborating with product teams. Indirectly, they have a say in the company's decision-making.

    That's why it's very important to us and we realized we wanted to make a difference.

    • Thanks for the advice, you helped me a lot with your article.
      - Namibu69
    • You're welcome, always happy to help)
      - LittleNightmare

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