Our Mission

Our mission is a very humble one. Our main objective is to make learning so simple that even those who have absolutely no background in coding can learn it in a reasonable time-period.

We have also put together practice questions at the end of each part of a course so that you can learn to apply the concepts just after you have understood them. Last but not the least, there is also a forum for discussion each and every doubt - big or small - that you have so that you can also remain in touch with us 24/7, or at least as frequently as possible.

Start from scratch

It is said that your success doesn't depend on where you start from, and we live by that saying. Hence, we have designed our courses in such a way that you don't need any pre-requisite knowledge whatsoever to take them. We start from the very basics of coding and go on steadily so that any and everybody can keep pace with their course.

start to learn coding from scratch
learn coding from well-suited mentor

Learn from well-suited mentors

Here, the course material has been designed by people who can easily relate to and trust. You will also be able to contact them easily for the doubts you have and you can be sure that your doubts will be cleared. Nor do you do not need to worry about their credibility, and do remember that they have learned these things in a similar way, so you shouldn't have many problems in the courses.

Discussions are welcome

There is a forum dedicated especially to clearing any doubts you have while completing the courses. You can, and should ask even the tiniest doubts you have - doubting your doubts isn't a good idea anyway - regarding the concepts and logic applied. And they will be dispensed by the guides or others taking part in the discussion, after all that is the main aim of a forum.

discuss your coding doubts
practice for coding problems

Practice means perfection

There are questions at the end of each topic that can be understood and answered only by practicing them, no amount of theoretical knowledge would help here. And believe us, in the end when you have mastered those questions, you will be longing for more of them. So practice as much as you can, and them some more, to understand the true beauty of the world of coding.