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learn c

Get started with basics

Strengthen your basics of C

Learn to "C" the world through a programmer's eyes. Once you start coding in C, you'll be introduced to one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world, and find many uses for the same everywhere.

learn python

Get started with basics

Strengthen your basics of Python

Learn the basics of coding in Python. It is one of the world's foremost programming languages, used in a wide variety fields, and is as efficient as a Python in killing its prey.

learn java

Get started with basics

Strengthen your basics of Java

Java boasts of being one of the most fundamental programming languages in the world. It is so commonly used that a person who knows coding in Java will have some work in even the most commonly used software.

learn ruby

Get started with basics

Strengthen your basics of Ruby

Staying true to its namesake, Ruby is one of the most precious programming languagess found in the world today. And learning to code in this can make you a part of a group catering to a fast-growing market of Web applications.

learn perl

Get started with basics

Strengthen your basics of Perl

Because of its flexibility, learning the basics of coding in Perl will bring you a sea of opportunities. These can range from finance all the way to even bioinformatics.

learn C++

Get started with basics

Strengthen your basics of C++

The first cousin of C, and an equally significant programming language. And just like C, this can also be found in the source code of many, many important software used almost everywhere around the globe.

Strong Foundation

Having a good basic concept is necessary in everything, not just learning. And that is our main focus at CodesDope; to lay down the building blocks in coding so that later you can understand new topics and innovate by yourself, once you have completed the course.

Discuss and deduce

We have a forum solely for discussing whatever doubts you have during the courses. And remember, never be afraid of raising a doubt, everyone is on the same boat here and the more you ask, the more you will know. So, bring your friends into the discussions if you want and discuss whatever lingering doubts you have with the world.

Quality mentors

Whether or not you are able to apply the knowledge you gain here is up to you, but you can be sure that you won't have any difficulty in understanding what is being conveyed in the courses. And even if you do, we have you covered. Your doubts will be cleared by us in no time at all and we assure you that you are in safe hands.

aim on coding

Always have a primary goal in your mind. Don't beat around the bush, and make sure every step you take is towards your ultimate goal and also a goal in it itself. Those who don't have a clear aim fall short of excellence by a very long margin.