How to correctly link the online store?


The correct linking of the online store on a website is divided into several sections, the first would be the link to the website, the second would be the link to social networks, the third would be the link to the products and finally the fourth would be the link to the payment methods but there are more techniques and secrets that you should use, in fact here  each and every one of them is explained in great detail so that you can correctly link your online store with your website , I hope it will be as helpful to you as it has been to me !


  •    Karimos

    Hi everyone, I want to ask you about how you can ship purchases from the US to Canada, because there are some cool stores that don't ship to Canada.

  •    dioper

    Hi buddy, I totally understand and I know what can help you. Customers can use the address provided by the Qwintry service as their shipping destination when shopping at American online retailers. After receiving the goods at a U.S. address, this company combines multiple parcels if necessary and provides us to canada shipping service. The company offers a variety of shipping methods and allows customers to track their packages during shipping. So, I hope this helps you.

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