How to meet online?


Before going on the offensive, you should pay attention to the appearance, but in the case of the Internet, not to your appearance, but to the design of your page on the social network. First, take at least one high-quality photo in which you turned out well, fill out your questionnaire. To help the other person get to know you better, add some music or other entries to the page to reflect your interests. The clearer and more original your profile on the Internet is, the more likely it is to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Forget about the phrase “Hi, how are you?”, Because the first message should be special, it is it that determines whether further communication will develop or not. Never write to the person you like the same thing that you would write to any other person. The way you start a dialogue with will show your new interlocutor how much you are interested in him. Therefore, be smart and original, especially if you write to the girl or guy of your dreams.


  •    Lewis

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  •    OsbornTyler7

    If you're planning to marry colombian woman, it's a good idea to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Colombian are fun-loving and will usually appreciate the fact that you're a westerner. However, they are not exactly swoon-worthy, so if you really want to win her heart, you'll have to give her your undivided attention.

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