Need a terminal for card payment


I've been trying to find a place for a long time where I could buy a terminal for my store so that people could pay with a card. But I do not know which is better to choose. Maybe you can help me? 


  •    Demia2s

    It seems to me that it’s too early to think about these terminals, people still pay in cash  

  •    palmariums

    Hello my friend. I have a small business and have been thinking about installing a contactless terminal for a long time. Thanks to the service, I can install the application on my smartphone and thereby turn it into a terminal. This is very convenient, since no commission is charged for financial transactions. I recommend these guys to you and advise you to learn more about it.

  •    gilberttt

     What kind of business Paddle refuses to work with? We (also from PL) work with PayLane and PaymentWall. But we're B2B, so no MOSS here. Also some local gateways are able to process international payments. Did you research this already?

  •    JessieSims

    Hello. I recently read that with cardless transactions, the risk of fraud is much higher, and here online payments work wonders. Contact for the required information. I am sure that they could help you, because I have been cooperating with them for more than a year and I am very pleased with the quality of their service.

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