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Machine Learning : The Revolution

  • The iPhone uses face recognition to be unlocked.
  • The ‘recommended for you’ videos on youtube.
  • The relatable ads that you see while surfing the internet.
  • The emails that you get in your inbox.
  • The predictions in your smartphone keyboard.


Ever wondered how come the computer has got so intelligent that it can predict our likes and dislikes? How can the computer systems predict the upcoming storms and weathers (and even stock prices!!) so accurately?

The answer is Machine Learning, my friend. In general, we can describe machine learning as the ability of the computer to ‘learn’ the patterns of any event and predict the outcomes.

The machine learning is dependent on various algorithms and a good knowledge of discrete mathematics is needed. Machine Learning (ML) is one of the pillars of artificial intelligence.

Mainly, ML is used in

  • image recognition
  • e-mail spam filtering
  • stock or weather predictions
  • natural language processing
  • Virtual personal assistance like Siri, Alexa, etc.
  • intelligent systems etc.

Now, the machine learning is being utilized in healthcare (nanobots) and clinical areas, robotics and efficient automation of power plants. And there are many more areas in which the computer scientists are pursuing hefty research.

Started with the simple idea of Alan Turing, the ML is developing with a tremendous speed and is currently the safest area to pursue a career in. It is the safest bet.

No wonder, this has developed to such an extent that the AI has beaten the world’s top DOTA player. Yeah, the computer system has defeated human!!

“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth 10 Microsofts” – Bill Gates

Why are you still thinking? Dirty your hands with ML, my friend!!

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I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science. I am a passionate Pythonista and my area of interest is machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am fascinated by 'Jarvis' of iron man and i am working on my own system using the NLTK (python).
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